Nizoral (Ketoconazole)
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Product description: Nizoral is an antimycotic antibiotic. It is used to treat infections caused by fungus.
Active Ingredient: Ketoconazole
Nizoral as known as: Noell, Triatop, Mycosoral, Ketostin, Diazon, Pristine, Sporum, Mycozid, Aquarius, C-86 crema, Nicozone, Cetonax, Konaturil, Antanazol, Kezoral, Ketowest, Dikoven, Ketozol, Akorazol, Flidaphen, Cetonil, Thicazol, Cetohexal, Soridermal, Nastil, Fungores, Dexazol, Terzolin, Dancel, Krefin, Perative, Micoral, Derm-keta, Funginoc, Danruf shampoo, Ketofungol, Tiniazol, Dermaral, Ketocon, Pristinex, Nofung, Tedol, Fundan, Ketazol, Cezolin, Conazol, Grenfung, Ketrozol, Fungipan, Nizshampoo, Ebersept, Philazone, Konaderm, Fungasol, Candoral, Ketozole, Ilgem, Chemicon, Fazol, Muzoral, Termizol, Biogel, Ketofun, Dantazol, Rapamic, Kenazole, Kefungin, Oxonazol, Fitonal, Docketoral, Mycoderm, Faction, Mycoral, Larry, Fungoral, Phytoral, Capel, Keduo, Kenazol, Pelikair, Micosin, Interzol, Fungicide, Quadion, Ketopine, Ketoisdin, Wizol, Amfazol, Kuriderm, Funazole, Fungium, Ketzole, Socosep, Zoxinat, Freetop, Ilggem, Nizcrème, Formyco, Konazol, Norclear, Solinfec, Ketoconazol, Remecon, Ninazol, Tiracaspa, Oronazol, Botaderm, Ketoral, Mycoseb, Medezol, Ketonazol, Kuric, Lizovag, Ketokonazol, Onofin-k, Sporex, Beatoconazole, Sebizole, Fungazol, Ketoson, Ketonova, Fexazol, Ketodar, Clarazole, Liondox, Altis, Ketopamin, Profungal, Stada k, Dezor, Extina, Nyoxep, Xolegel, Livarole, Ketoconazolum, Panfungol, Eumicel, Arcolan, Asquam, Kezol, Fungarest, Arcolane, Nitrazen, Kezole, Sioconazol, Sostatin, Ketomicol, Funet, Nizale, Candiderm, Daktagold, Ketolef, Keto-cure, Ketoskin, Yucomy, Ketovid, Ketogel, Ketobifan, Tructum, Fangan, Keto plus, Ketoconazolo, Mycofebrin, Neo-egmol, Ketozal, Ketomed, Tinuvin, Ketospor, Micoticum, Adenosan, Orifungal, Libroman, Zoloral, Ketoderm, Daktarin

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